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The history of BLANCHE Company dates back to 2007, when an idea was born to create a product of a new quality level in design and furniture-making industry, which could be proudly defined as “Made in Ukraine”.

Within several years, we managed to transform the company into a dynamically evolving factory with modern European equipment and technologies that directly influence the quality of our products. Our young and creative team of the best designers, engineers and other specialists is definitely the heart of BLANCHE. These are the people who give birth to our boldest ideas and then bring them to life.

We never rest as our work involves non-stop self-perfection; this is why we keep track of the latest design trends, attend and participate in the most famous world exhibitions, exchange experience and learn from our foreign colleagues. Our main task is to create comfortable, high-quality and environmentally friendly furniture for you. 


Attention to details and individuality are distinctive features that determine our signature BLANCHE creative style. Each of our models is refined to perfection while we develop perfect engineering solutions and pick the best combination of materials. We design furniture for comfortable and stylish life in the modern world which is able to turn your leisure into sheer delight; this is why most of our BLANCHE models stand out for their extreme softness and increased seating depth.

We are often inspired by nature itself, with its simple forms and smooth lines which we interpret in the design of our collections. BLANCHE furniture embodies our aspiration to harmony with the surrounding world as we use natural materials like wood, leather and textile for its production.

We are always open for our Customers, and we will happily give you a tour around our BLANCHE factory where you can take a glance at our production process, check out the modern technologies, our quality and professionalism.


When you choose BLANCHE brand, we want you to feel confident that you purchase high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly interior items. To achieve this, the production process at our factory has been organised in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 International Quality Management System; this means that all our products are thoroughly checked for quality at each production stage: correct storage and treatment of materials, cutting of wood and upholstery materials, assembling and lining of the frame with soft elements, as well as upholstering works. 

BLANCHE factory operates modern European equipment: Felder, Moro, Nuova Coima, Lectra, Dukropp-Adler to provide for maximum automation of production and exclude the human factor in critical tasks. With this approach, we create reliable products notable for their superb operational characteristics. 

All materials and components are thoroughly selected among European and Ukrainian manufacturers; we use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials as we care both for your health and the environment. 


Design and engineering research, for which we engage substantial human and financial resources, is one of the main components of BLANCHE policy. We assign no less than 30 % of our monthly income for research and innovations as we believe it to be the key to our future success. We keep experimenting with various materials and test new technologies of furniture production to bring our unique vision of comfort and design to life.

Our engineering and designing team, sometimes with the participation of a sculptor, may work on a new model for about 7 to 8 months. It is a completely absorbing non-stop creative process, therefore we manage to create so many successful products. 

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BLANCHE showrooms
BLANCHE  showrooms
Information for architects
Information for  architects
A video tour around the factory will show you the BLANCHE production process in detail, and you will find out how we make our furniture.
Stylish modular systems
Stylish  modular systems
Comfortable armchairs for relax
Comfortable  armchairs for relax
Elegant bedroom collection
Elegant bedroom  collection
Latest news
TATI chair in Hi-tech interior by PLANKA Studio

For this project designers from PLANKA Studio chose our TATI chair in fresh green color.

The real face of minimalism in the project by Lauri Brothers Studio

For this awesome project, designers from Lauri Brothers Studio chose ERMES sofa from BLANCHE upholstery collection. This interior shows minimalism the way it is. It is like a book that you read between the lines.



Youth and loft in the bedroom by Novoselskiy Design Studio

For this loft style project the designers of Novoselskiy Design Studio chose VOGUE bed from BLANCHE collection.

This bedroom has a character with the clear position. It is created for a young man who seeks to live and explore the world.