A modern project for a progressive family

Project from:
mykolasuprunenko interiors INTERIOR DESIGNER
For whom:
молодой прогрессивной семьи
Furniture in the project:
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SOHO sofa in the project @ mykolasuprunenko.interiors

This modern project was developed by the studio @ mykolasuprunenko.interiors for a young progressive family. The laconic apartments are designed in the style of functional minimalism. Competent planning of space and correctly picked up materials allowed to organize some functional zones for comfortable leisure and rest.

In the living room, the designer placed a modular sofa SOHO from BLANCHE. Made in neutral shades, it perfectly complements the overall style of the interior. And the n-shaped configuration will allow you to place on the couch even the largest company to comfortably spend the evening with friends.

Thank you to our partners for their cooperation!

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