Actual trends in 2020

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What interior trends are relevant in 2020?

This question undoubtedly seizes everyone, wanting to equip the house with the latest fashion word, but now she does not dictate clear rules, but is sensitive to the desires of the people themselves.

Environmental friendliness has remained a constant trend over the past few years. The use of natural materials for furniture is a general trend.

The emphasis on the theme of unity with nature is also reflected in the color scheme – the designers named green as one of the headliners of the year.

The main requirements for interior design are:

simplicity of forms;
natural color palette with bright accents;
minimum decor;
plain textured textiles.

The main aspect has been and remains the creation of a cozy and calm, inspiring atmosphere, which is also the main idea of ​​BLANCHE products.

We not only follow all the trends, but also make furniture unique, such that it will emphasize the peculiarity of the idea of ​​your room and become a highlight of any interior, furniture that will fall in love with itself at first sight!

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