Tutto sofa

Tutto sofa

Tutto sofa from 40 382 UAH

TUTTO is one of the softest and most comfortable sofas in the BLANCHE collection, designed by us for relaxation with our family or friends. The convenient TUTTO modular system gives you freedom of choice and makes it possible to create your own perfect composition. Combining the elements of the modular system consisting of the main, corner and end sections, you can make a choice in favour of a classic straight sofa for small rooms, or create a corner or an island version of a sofa for large spaces.
from 40 382 UAH

Some details

Design creation

We embodied the concept of a comfortable rest not only in the design of this model. Its structural design is notable for softness of the most important parts, namely back cushions and seats.
Victoria Kameneva
chief designer
frame made of birch plywood of class E1 (Lithuania) and pine timber
Seat cushions
flexible polyurethane foam, BAYER, BASF (Germany), SHELL (Netherlands)
Back cushions and throw pillows
synthetic down is used as filler
Tutto sofa детали

Tutto sofa in the interior

Model Configurator

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Upholstery selection
  • Fabric Paris
    • color 66411 Wine
    • color 66409 Teja
    • color 66407 Salmon
    • color 66405 Safira
    • color 66403 Purple
    • color 66401 Mud
    • color 66399 Light-Blue
    • color 66397 Lavanda
    • color 66395 Khaki
    • color 66393 Green
    • color 66391 Forest
    • color 66389 Deep-Red
    • color 66387 Deep-Blue
    • color 66385 Dark-Blue
    • color 66383 Cream
    • color 66381 Chocolate
    • color 66379