What are the terms of operation of transformation mechanisms

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When buying a sofa, do not make the main mistake of many: do not focus only on its appearance! Of course, this is important, because the sofa is the center and the main component of most rooms. But if you want the furniture to serve you as long as possible, you should look a little deeper than external beauty. The transformation mechanism is important here, its quality affects the duration of the sofa’s life.

Of course, a consultant can help you in the store, in addition, you will be guided by your own taste. But still, to make the right choice, you should know some of the intricacies of the folding device. After all, if you use a sofa every day, which is intended only for guest use, then it will be enough for a very short time.

Blanche uses modern types of mechanisms from proven European manufacturers for its model range. All mechanisms are made according to the latest technologies, which guarantees an even longer service life of the sofa. In our model range you will find sofas with folding mechanisms:

Meralatte – “French clamshell”
Sedaflex – “American clamshell”
Roll-out Roll-out
Recliner – reclining, reclining mechanism with footrest

Each of them is suitable for some specific purpose. Decide what function you assign to your sofa, and depending on this, select the mechanism. And then, if used correctly, the service life will delight you.

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