Ergonomics of upholstered furniture

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Ergonomics of upholstered furniture

It is difficult to imagine a recreation area without upholstered furniture. If you want to relax after a hard day at work, your furniture should be comfortable. That is why the science of ergonomics has become so popular now. She studies the subjects with which you regularly contact, in order to make this contact as comfortable and productive as possible. It was ergonomics that dictated the most convenient size, shape and location of many household items. And if you follow these parameters, you can organize a truly ideal space. Of course, these are all recommended parameters that you can change for yourself.

The comfort of upholstered furniture depends on several parameters: height above floor level, seating depth, tilt angle, back height, width of armrests, distance between different pieces of furniture.

Comfortable dimensions of upholstered furniture

By trial and error, the standard dimensions of upholstered furniture were derived, which are now followed by almost all manufacturers. Blanche also adheres to these parameters. When it comes to armchairs and sofas, it is important to consider that your body will be in a relaxed position. Therefore, the optimum depth and width is 50-60 cm, and the landing height is 35-40 cm. Then you can relax with maximum comfort.

Correct furniture shape

For a good rest, the correct shape of the furniture is also important. After all, your task is to take the load off the spine. Upholstered furniture should provide a position that relaxes your back, shoulders and neck. The edge of the seat should be 5-10 cm above the line of the joint with the back. This will allow the body to “drown” in a soft chair or sofa. To rest the neck, you need the correct back height. Basically, it is equal to the depth of the seat. Don’t forget about the armrests. They will give your hands a rest.

Competent arrangement of furniture

And the last thing worth paying attention to is the correct arrangement of furniture in space. The choice of upholstered furniture depends on the geometry of your room. But there are rules that apply to any space. The passages between the items of the headset should be at least 70 cm. This will allow you not to bump into furniture while moving around the room.

Blanche furniture is absolutely ergonomic. Our goal is your comfort and relaxation!

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