BLANCHE factory: upholstered furniture of a new level in Ukraine

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This is more than 6,000 m2 of high-tech production.
BLANCHE upholstered furniture is produced on modern European equipment Felder (Austria), Moro, Nuova Coima (Italy), Lectra (France), Durkopp-Adler (Germany). Such equipment allows us to create complex shapes and configurations of furniture.

This is a European two-storey building, which in winter and summer is surrounded by evergreen cedars … You go inside, where you are welcomed in a friendly way and invited to take a tour. They treat you with aromatic coffee and you yourself see how they create a frame for the beds, select collections of fabrics for upholstering sofas, where ready-made models are stored. But the most interesting is yet to come …

You will be invited to look at the production of your product. You will see that we put our heart and soul into the creation of the model, as well as knowledge of high technology.


To create upholstered furniture with high quality standards, the entire production process has been organized in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Therefore, the BLANCHE factory is, first of all, first-class specialists, modern equipment and automation of all production processes. As in the best furniture factories in Europe.


Quality control is carried out by a special Department of Technical Control, where specialists carefully and professionally check the quality of foam rubber – furniture filling. See if each bolt is in place. And only after his approval, the model is transferred to other stages of creation.

A little more time will pass, and we will receive a finished product that we can be proud of.


We believe that iconic items should be created in a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere. Therefore, the BLANCHE factory stands for cleanliness and comfort.

We take great care in the production of our furniture. Therefore, a friendly, clean and light atmosphere has been created here, in which it is not only pleasant to work. In such an environment, truly special things are born.

Watch the video tour, we filmed it for you.

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