How to choose the right quality upholstered furniture?

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Upholstered furniture is an important part of any home – we rest, sleep and receive guests on it. We can say that this is the central place in the house and it should be beautiful and cozy. In addition, everyone counts on the fact that the furniture will serve for many years and will not lose its presentation. And a completely logical question arises: how to choose the right quality upholstered furniture? There are many aspects to consider:

Dimensions and dimensions of the room
Functional purpose of upholstered furniture
Transformation mechanism
Color and texture

This is what you should definitely pay attention to when choosing upholstered furniture. The materials used to make home furniture are very important. It is desirable that they be as environmentally friendly as possible, but most importantly, that they are of high quality. Manufacturers must be proven and reliable, then your furniture will serve you for a long time.

Technologies for the production of upholstered furniture

All companies have different production technologies for upholstered furniture. Now everyone is fighting for uniqueness, so this is understandable, but at the same time there is a base that everyone follows. First, blanks for the frame are made in the carpentry shop, then the finished frame goes to the upholstery shop. Further, softness elements are installed: springs, PPU. In the sewing workshop, covers are sewn for certain elements of upholstered furniture: pillows, backs, seats, armrests. At each stage, the furniture is tested. After final assembly, the upholstered furniture is checked again, then packed and sent to the finished product warehouse.

Storage and care of upholstered furniture

If you are going to purchase upholstered furniture, then you should know some rules for its storage, as well as understand how to properly care for it. Store upholstered furniture in a dry and warm room. Keep in mind that any filler is equally bad for heat and cold. If the furniture is on a concrete floor, it is better to put plywood under the legs. Furniture cannot be stored in cellophane film for a long time. Condensation forms under it, which will then lead to the appearance of mold on the upholstery. It’s better to just cover the sofa or armchair with a light cloth.


When buying upholstered furniture, you must understand what guarantees you are getting. Therefore, be sure to fill out the contract indicating the warranty period. It must be at least a year old. Check out the list of warranty cases when the company will have to carry out repairs or change your furniture at its own expense. Most often, such cases do not occur, but it is still better to play it safe.

Well, remember that when buying furniture, you need to try it out in the store. Lie down and sit on it, be sure to check all the transformation mechanisms. And if everything suits you on all counts, your upholstered furniture will serve you for a long time.

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