Transformation mechanisms

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Types of transformation mechanisms that the BLANCHE factory uses for its models

Modern models of sofas often fulfill not only their main function, but also serve as an additional bed. There are models of sofas with a mechanism for daily sleep or a guest.

Puma mechanism. One of the most popular and easy to transform. This mechanism is ideal for daily sleep, providing a large and comfortable sleeping area. The Puma mechanism that we use for the ESSE, MOON and CLIFF models has been finalized and improved by the specialists of the BLANCHE factory. Therefore, we are confident in its reliability and high wear resistance.

Roll-out mechanism. Simple, convenient and reliable. We have developed this mechanism especially for the SKY model. It is also ideal for daily sleep. Its folding principle is very simple – just roll it forward and fold the seat cushions back.

Nova movement. A new movement in our line that we use for the BON BON model.

How is it convenient? The transformation of the sofa into a bed will take you a few seconds and movements. At the same time, you do not have to think and look for a place to fold the pillows, since the mechanism unfolds along with them. But the most important thing in this mechanism is the mattress. It has also been designed by our experts to make your daily stay as comfortable as possible.

Sedaflex mechanism. Although the mechanism is reliable and comfortable enough, it still cannot replace a full bed for daily sleep. Therefore, we recommend it for guest sleep. The mechanism unfolds in two steps and is equipped with an 11 cm mattress. We use this type of mechanism for the IPSONI, PARMA, MELIA, NUBI and ILARIA models.

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